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Vi spelar spelet allihopa, men vi väljer själva och ska aldrig skylla någon annan. Allt vi gör och allt vi har är våra egna kroppar. Jag har spelat spelet i flera år, jag har varit med i finalen och jag har förlorat. Jag har försökt provocera, jag har försökt göra de dummaste grejerna... ......................Ingen skulle ana det nu... , lever ett helt annat liv. Jag kanske växte upp där på vägen nånstans? nää de vore bullshit vem växer upp? som en träd skulle jag växa upp!? ni hör själva... Men jag vet inte jag gjorde det för att det var fel, och jag älskar att göra fel? ... alla andra är ju så upptagna med att göra rätt.

Men det finns ändå någon liten röst inom mig som är så jävla rastlös, jag vill säga dumma saker jag vill göra konstiga saker... Jag vill att andra ska tycka jag är konstig. Bara för jag är uttråkad. Men jag vill såklart ändå bara vara med och leka... som alla andra. We'll just never grov up, learn from that.

Men det är det underbara med livet, leken... det underbara och fruktansvärda spelet!

Are U Ready to Press Play?

Old shit song.. kändes som den passade


Maybe classic Maybe fantastic

I guess that everybody have heard this tune already. And i guess that the most of you likes it, becouse they played it on the radio ;) evev though it's good :O

If you diden't liked this tune the first i time you've heard of it, you have probebly learned to like it. I pick up this tune today Becouse it's one of those unusual tunes that as a matter of fact is truly good, with a good message - that also plays at the swedish radio stations.

I like the video to! And Barbara Streisend that the sing about is a amazing women. witch is a part of the message - if you know who she is you will understand this tune.

It was suitable released in connection with the United States president switch 2009. Or to be true, about one and a half year after. But you can guess that they started to work on this tune around the president switch.

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

The Dj group Duck Sauce made their braktrough 2010 with their hit Barbara streisand, named after the singer with same name.

(pic taken from google)

The Dj group Duck Sauce existing of Armand Van Helden And A-Trak.
I hope at least that we will hear more from them!

Don't you?


Hi and welcome to this awsome blog!

This is my own little world, and it's here it happens! I will tell and talk about trance verces house music of diffrent kinds. It might be strange or i might be wonderful how music can affect pepople, not at least myself. The expression above and beyond is the feeling the music give you when it gets to you.

House and trance music are almost primitive needs for me. When the world is so full of stress and tastelesses sounds fills our surroundings from the morning to the night, good music are a blessing for many of us.

And that's what this blog in first stage will be al about - good music. with a little toutch of myself.

I hope i will get out to people around the world, and i hope people around the world will get to me - to inspire and be inpired!



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